Scroll Top Gets Its Guests free VIP entry into the best Las Vegas nightclubs.

On every trip to Las Vegas, you won’t want to miss out on Sin City’s legendary nightlife and club scene. However, getting into the best Las Vegas nightclubs is not like walking into your neighborhood bar. Las Vegas nightclubs are known for their long lines, velvet ropes, scores of promoters, and intimidating bouncers at the door, if you are lucky enough to even get that far. However, we can get you into the best clubs and lounges and turn the odds in your favor.

Nothing is more frustrating then waiting to get into one of the exclusive Las Vegas nightclubs while scores of “fashionistas” cut the line and stroll right past you. Nightclub hosts are basically evaluating who gets in and who gets turned away, often looking right past you, in the process. At the most exclusive nightclubs, they want to let in people that they think will add something special to the room they look for the trendy and stylish. Clubs seek to promote the idea that the crowds they host are affluent and successful, superficial details are instrumental in achieving the appearance they want to promote. So what can you do to get in, and sail past the Velvet Rope… Get on the Guest List!

Getting on a Las Vegas nightclub guest list usually requires you know someone or that you can do some serious networking. If you know somebody who knows somebody who is a promoter or club owner, you can make some calls or write some emails, and sometimes that will work. Many club employees also have social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that are used specifically for promoting the venue and sometimes, those employees will be able to add to Guest List up until a certain point. They best option is to go directly Where you can get your name added to the Guest List directly, without any hassle, gimmicks, or hidden fees, and get you into any of the exclusive Las Vegas nightclubs FREE.

We at Free Vegas Club Passes are well-connected nightclub Hosts and Concierges, veterans of the nightlife scene who’ve joined forces to design a service that gets our Guests free VIP entry into the best Vegas nightclubs. We’ve had over 350,000 satisfied guests on our VIP Vegas Club Guest List who take advantage of our Vegas club deals. Whether you’re having a Bachelor / Bachelorette party, with a Tour Group, or just hanging with friends, we’ve got you covered. Locals are always welcome, and getting on our VIP List won’t cost you a dime.

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