Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get free drinks on your list?

The majority of the time on our club guest lists in Las Vegas, Ladies do receive free drink(s) or open bar for an allotted time frame, including the following:

Nightclubs w/ free drinks:

  • Foundation Room –  10pm-12am Fri. & Sat ladies two Free drinks,  Sun – Thur one Free Drink for ladies .
  • 1 OAK – Ladies get one free before 12am.
  • LIGHT Ladies get three Free drinks before 12am.
  • Marquee– Ladies free drinks 10:30pm – 11:30pm.
  • Intrigue – Ladies get a free drink before 12:30am.
  • Apex – Thur & Sun Ladies free vodka 10:30pm – 12:00am.

Dayclubs w/ free drinks:

Do I need to have even ratio?

The biggest Las Vegas dayclubs and nightclubs do require an even ratio of Ladies and Gents. However, a number of select clubs do accept uneven ratio groups. These clubs include:

Night Clubs

Day Clubs

You may attend one dayclub/pool party, one nightclub, one strip club, and one after-hours club per day. This is to ensure that you have smooth entry and make it into each club within the allotted time frame for each list.Can I attend more than one club per night?

Do you provide tickets for Vegas shows?

Unfortunately we do not provide tickets for Vegas shows. We only provide VIP Vegas club guest list entry into Sin City’s hottest dayclubs, hottest nightclubs, and hottest strip clubs.

Do we get escorted into the club by you?

No, however, we do personally host groups larger than 50 free of charge. We often host international tour groups with an amount of people ranging from 50 – 150. If you’re interested in having us walk you in, please contact us! We are always happy to help you and your group have the best Vegas experience possible!

Do we need to be there at the suggested arrival time?

Although it is not required to be there for our list at our suggested arrival time, it is highly recommended. This is to ensure the smoothest entry possible with minimal wait time so you can get into the club and get straight to partying! Trust us, we know Vegas and we know how busy these clubs can get!

If I leave, do I get re-entry to the club?

Yes! Often, the doorman will give you a stamp before you leave. Upon your return, you can show the stamp to the door and be allowed re-entry so you can continue to party on our VIP guest list!

Can you do something special for my birthday?

The services listed on our site are the services we can provide you for any occasion. Treat yourself as a VIP on our guest lists to Sin City’s world-famous pool parties and nightclubs! If you’re a male, we can also get you into Las Vegas’ most popular strip clubs with hundreds of gorgeous girls! If you’re a Lady, we can get you VIP entry into strip clubs with some of the hottest male dancers in the city! And of course, we will provide you with free Limo transportation. Sign up with us now and we’ll make sure you get that birthday lap dance!

Can you get us a complimentary bottle and or table?

Unfortunately we cannot provide complimentary bottles or tables. However, we can provide quotes for bottle/table service to most Las Vegas dayclubs and nightclubs.

What happens if I do not make it to one of the clubs I am on the list for?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so if you can’t make your reservation at a dayclub, nightclub, or stripclub, just let us know! And don’t worry, it won’t mess up your other VIP guest lists! You will still be on the other guest lists.

Are there any hip hop, reggae, or R&B clubs?

Although there are not any strictly hip hop/R&B clubs, we do offer clubs that host hip hop/R&B nights. These include LAX, TAO, and Body English. Unfortunately there are not many reggae clubs in Vegas.

How do I know I am confirmed for my reservation?

Once you are confirmed on the list you will receive an email with all your information. On the day of your reservation, you will be sent a text with necessary arrival details. Texts are sent out at 9am for dayclubs, 3pm for nightclubs, and 5pm for strip clubs. We are all about keeping in touch with everyone on our guest lists, and unlike some other Vegas Guest List Companies, we will never leave you hanging!

How do I modify my reservation?

Please reply to your confirmation email to make any modifications to your reservations and we will make the requested changes promptly. Don’t be afraid to let us know when you would prefer a different pool party, nightclub, or strip club. We are here to make sure you have the best possible Vegas vacation!

I had a great time, how can I thank you?

The best tip you can give us is to tell your friends! The nightclub business runs on personal connections, and word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there is. And, of course, positive Testimonials on this site are always appreciated.

Why don’t you accept tips?

There are a couple reasons.

Number one is that everyone in this industry always seems to have their hand out and we find that to be a bit sleazy. We want to differentiate ourselves.

I also feel that clarity in pricing is paramount. In a tip-based business people often do not know what is proper to tip and confusion leads to unhappy transactions. Our services are FREE and always will be, our client’s experience is the priority.

We make our money from the venues & that’s the way it should be. We make enough and have no interest in increasing our revenue at our client’s expense.

If you really want to thank us financially please donate to your favourite charity. Send us the receipt & we’ll match your donation right away.

I hope you agree that this is the way to go. If you don’t, or have any thoughts please let me know below.

Need a question answered ASAP? Text (702) 518- CLUB or Email Team@freevegasclubpasses.com!