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What to Wear to Vegas Clubs | Vegas Nightclub Attire

What to wear to Vegas Clubs: An insider’s perspective of what to wear to a nightclub.

Dress CodeEveryone who goes to Las Vegas Nightclubs wonders, what to wear in Vegas?  Should I go ultra trendy, or hipster, causual or suited up. Free Vegas Club Passes has a simple set of Vegas Nightclub Attire Guidelines that will comply to every venue.


Pants- Wear dress pants/slacks or dark colored jeans. As a rule do not wear shorts even if its the summer, unless it is a night swim pool party!

Shirts- Anything with a collar is the way to go. I recommend a full button up shirt. Half of the people tuck in their shirts, the other do not. The choice is yours. Leave the suit jackets at home unless you want to sweat all night (If you have your own table with bottle service you can get away with bringing a suit jacket)

Shoes- No athletic shoes, sneakers should be avoided, (hint guys ladies love a man in nice shoes, and it make a good first impression). Always wear nice dress shoes. If ladies can get through wearing high-heels then you are expected to wear your nicest shoes too!

Jewelry- Always wear a watch and a belt with your collared shirt. *It is also common for men to wear jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets with their dress shoes, button ups, and pants.


Ladies- Any fashionable attire is allowed. I recommend wearing a form fitting dress and recommend leaving jackets at home!

Pants- I would say leaving the jeans at home is the way to go for ladies in Vegas Night Clubs. Save them for more casual venues.

Shoes- If you want to walk out of the club half crippled then wear your best looking high-heals. I recommend wearing flats or at least wedges since you will undoubtedly be jumping around and on your feet for most of the night!

Jewelry- Accessorize with Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches.

*It is Vegas after all, so glitzy, glamorous, shiny, and extravagant outfits are the way to go!

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