Super Bowl Sunday Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas Nightclubs and Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl at the Foundation Room

With so many places to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas it can be hard to choose. While most people think of the sports book or a bar, many may not realize that most nightclub venues open their doors early, are lax on dress code and show the game on high resolution screens with premium sound.

Contrary to what most may think, Las Vegas Nightclubs and Superbowl Sunday are a great pair. Not only do many nightclubs in Las Vegas show the Super Bowl, Imagine how the game sounds through the high tech sound systems that are used in the nightclubs.

The Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay sells packages for groups of 2 to 12 who want to gather to drink, eat and cheer on the big game. Hyde at the Bellagio is also known as a prime spot to watch the Super Bowl.  The best part is that once the game is over, the party keeps going on into the night and since you’re already at the club you don’t have to leave!

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