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How to Party Like a Las Vegas Insider

Inline image 1Let’s face it – nobody knows how to party in Las Vegas than a local of the scene, an insider. In order to get the most out of your Las Vegas vacation you must party like a local does. That means no rookie movies like drinking too much on the first night, taking home the first girl/guy you meet at the bar, and worst of all – forgetting to tip.
The one thing most visitors fail to realize is that Vegas is a tip-driven city. Everyone from the cocktail waitresses, to valet, to the bathroom attendants rely mostly on tips. So don’t forget to leave your hotel without at least $20 in cash.
Another big mistake that tourists make is drinking too much on the first night. The only thing worse than waking up with a monster headache is waking up without your ID, phone or worst of all – in a strangers hotel room.
So do yourself a favor and remember – it’s okay to be a tourist, just don’t act like this is your first party!

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