The Coolest Bar in Las Vegas

The Minus 5 Ice Bar

Have you Visited the Coolest Bar in Las Vegas, The Minus 5 Ice Bar

In Las Vegas, a good drink and good service are always expected, but it’s the unexpected that makes Las Vegas Nightlife unforgettable. In Las Vegas, there are always new and exciting bars to try, but in the summer when its 120′ degrees outside where can you go to really cool off? The Minus 5 Monte Carlo Ice Bar!

The Minus 5 Ice Bar experience is a one-of-a-kind and unique way to cool off and enjoy your favorite drinks. Located at the Mandalay Bay, it is by far the coolest bar on the strip. Everything in this bar Is made of ice from the walls to the seats, even the decor. You even get to dress up in warm gloves, fur coats and hats, while drinking from glasses made entirely of ice. The ice bar in Las Vegas is the perfect place to chill and laugh with friends while still getting an experience no other bar offers.



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