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This Weekend January 5th – 8ththe largest Tech Trade show of the year “Consumer Electronics Show” CES takes place in Las Vegas. The annual new tech unveiling will kick off the new year with every new gadget and gizmo imaginable. What we can expect to see this year, without a doubt, will blow the minds of  attendees and consumers. Alongside the usual; TVs, VR spectacles, Automotive tech, and Drones, I’m told to be prepared for some Major announcements.

Some of my predictions for this year are: TV’s will be bigger and better with 4k remaining the theme, but having some competition with OLED. VR will be at an all new impressive Hight with some competing companies coming head to head such as Oculus and HTC. Self-Driving cars are going to have a big presence this year. I’m expecting to see some weird looking drones, with the market leader, DJI dominating the straight-ahead camera its almost foolish to try to compete, but has left room for new capabilities, and physical feature, like flying indoors, and underwater. My last prediction for this year’s CES is that we will see a lot of wireless audio. With Apples 2016 release of the Air Bud, I expect to see and industry reaction to help push the wireless world. I look forward to seeing everyone in town enjoying some amazing new tech during the day and great times at night.

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