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Find Salvatore Calebrese’s cocktails at this gem of a lounge at The Cromwell. When you go to the Bound Bar, try the Breakfast Martini cocktail, a drink Calebrese created as his answer to drinking in the morning with gin and orange marmalade, The Spicy Fifty with sweet and sour and a warm finish or Bunny Bubbles with raspberry puree and fresh pomegranate. The name draws inspiration from the most iconic centerfold bunnies. Coffee drinks are also a specialty here.

Featured on the carefully-curated menu are Salvatore’s signature cocktails, many of which are iconic and are synonymous with the famous bartender. The Breakfast Martini comes from Salvatore’s wife insisting he eat breakfast, to which he replied with a gin cocktail mixed with the finest orange marmalade, the same topping he uses for his toast. Also featured is the Spicy Fifty, which combines the best of sweet and sour on the palate with a warm finish.

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