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Vegas Strip Club Guide

Vegas Strip Clubs

VIPs Guide to Vegas Strip Clubs


What else makes Vegas so famous than its internationally acclaimed strip clubs! Everyone knows Sin City hosts some of the world’s hottest male and female dancers. It’s almost tradition for visitors to stop by a strip club on their trip. But before you do, take a look at our helpful guide because we at Free Vegas Club Passes are all about you having the best time ever. Yeah, we’re kind of cool like that.

1. Relax and Have Fun

I know it can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never been to a strip club before. But you’ve ended up at the spot because you want to have a fun time… or your guy friends dragged you there to try and make you have fun. Either way, there’s nothing to fear! Dancers want to help you have a good time. Strip clubs in Las Vegas thrive on making sure their clients have the best experience possible. You will be treated like a king (or queen) once you step foot into that club and it is truly an experience that is meant to be enjoyed. So when that one gorgeous exotic dancer named CandyCane comes up to you and offers a lap-dance, why not take it?

2. Take Advantage of the Free Limo

Don’t forget that we offer you a free round-trip limo ride to all the strip clubs on our list! Not only will the free limo let you roll up in style, but it will also save you an expensive cab ride. Just tip a couple dollars to your fun loving limo driver and you’ve saved yourself $50 – $100 on a taxi. And hey, best news you’ll hear in this entire post… you can get as hammered as you want! It’s a free limo ride to and from the strip club so you don’t have to worry about braving the roads after a night’s worth of drinking. Be (or pretend to be) a high roller and ride around Vegas in style!

3. Strippers Are People Too

Remember that these beautiful Vegas dancers are people just like you and me. Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” song applied to everyone around the world — including strippers. Just remember your manners and have a great time. Don’t be rude, aggressive, or demanding, and practice self control to refrain from spanking anybody. If you’re getting a lapdance and a dancer asks you not to touch him or her somewhere, be considerate! Otherwise the bouncer might escort you to leave the club, or you just might get backhanded by an angry stripper.

4. Consider Your Options

Just like there’s a nightclub in Vegas to fit your taste..there are also diverse strip clubs to suite anyone’s specific needs. No strip club is same as the next. There are clubs that are bigger and more spacious such as Sapphire and Hustler Club, while there are other venues that are smaller and more intimate like Deja Vu Showgirls and Crazy Horse 3. Most clubs offer beautiful topless dancers, while venues like Little Darlings offer fully nude strippers. If you’re looking for a club that both ladies and gents can enjoy then Olympic Gardens is your spot. OGs hosts some of the hottest female and male dancers. So make sure to consider your options beforehand. Vegas has much to offer from beautiful women putting on spectacular pole routines to muscled men in tight thongs swinging around their family jewels.

5. Women Can Have Fun Too!

In Vegas, it’s not just the men who can enjoy fabulous dancers! There are several high-end strip clubs that offer male performers for the ladies. Come on, the girls have to have fun too! Olympic Gardens and Kings of Hustler offer such hot and chiseled male dancers that even your guy friends will be inspired to start hitting the gym again. For your bachelorette party, we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction of the best male strip-clubs. Get your dollar bills out, ladies! There are plenty of strip club options for you too.

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