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Olympic Gardens Cabaret on The Strip – CLOSED

Olympic Garden is not only one of the largest strip clubs in Vegas, it’s also the only large one located directly on the Las Vegas Strip. The two-story club boasts no less than five stages downstairs, all filled with lovely ladies. There’s something for the ladies here, too, as The Men of Olympus all male revue perform on the club’s second story.

“The O.G.”, as many locals call it, is one of Vegas’ original strip clubs, and many believe it’s still the best. Not much has changed in the last decade or so, making it the quintessential cabaret experience. Even much of the music is old school.

One of the few changes the club has made is to add more variety to the women preforming there. While there are still plenty of busty blondes, there is also a refreshing variety of female eye candy to appeal to a broad range of tastes — all of them beautiful, of course. They are not too aggressive, either, allowing you to enjoy your evening in whatever way you prefer.

Olympic Gardens Las Vegas is undeniably a classic and we’re sure ladies and men both will enjoy yourselves.

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