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It’s that time of season, the weather has cooled off, the jackets have come out, and you’re looking for things to do to get in the holiday spirit. You could head down to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and see the “Glittering Lights” Las Vegas staple with more than 2 miles worth of animated and sparkling displays. Or you could you do my personal favorite and go ice skating.

There are tons of places in Las Vegas to Ice skate believe it or not, there is even place to skate right here on the strip. You could go to the Park, located in between New York New York, and Mote Carlo. Or you could go to the Cosmopolitan and ice skate the Boulevard Pool, that overlooks the heart of the Strip. Here you can sit by a fire, roast s’mores, and enjoy so seasonal treats.

So whether your trying to see a spectacular light so, or indulge in seasonal treats by a frozen pool; There is something for everyone here in Las Vegas.

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