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Dress Code

Dress Code: (Strictly Enforced)

Halloween Dress code click here

Standard Dress Code Rules as follows:

Night Clubs:
Men: dress shoes, pants, collared shirts (No holes in jeans) no workboots/timberlands
Ladies: heels, wedges, dress boots

Pool Parties:
Men: Proper Upscale swimming attire only, no cargo shorts or athletic wear
Ladies: Upscale swimming attire, no G-Strings

*No outside food or drinks allowed, bags are subject to search, no large bags allowed, no over the counter medications, prescribed medications must be cleared with security*

Additional Vegas Nightclub Dress Code Tips

Before you even make it inside a Vegas nightclub, make sure you look the part. Although it may seem shallow, in Sin City, image is everything. Clubbers can be turned away from a nightclub for not abiding by the mandatory dress codes. So how do you avoid being turned away at the door? Come dressed to impress by following these nightclub tips to make it through the velvet rope at Vegas’ premier nightclubs.

Dress Code

• Dish out the little black dress. What woman doesn’t own a LBD in their closet? The safest dress code for ladies to follow is by keeping it simple with a cocktail dress and a nice pair of pumps or stilettos.

• Go for the business casual look. For something more casual, a pair of jeans with a sexy top and heels for women and a collared, button-up shirt worn with jeans or dress pants and a sports coat for men will do the trick to achieve a business casual look.

• Get extra classy with suit & tie. A look for men that not only guarantees you access but also makes you and your male party seem like high rollers with much attention is the VIP look – basically, a black suit and tie with dress shoes.

• Dress for the occasion. Themed parties are quite popular on the Las Vegas Strip. Like other big cities, white parties, lingerie parties, holiday parties and others are heard of and require that you dress accordingly.

• Avoid your everyday overly casual style. If the nightclub is lavish and sophisticated, a pair of shorts, tennis shoes and baseball cap is not going to cut it. Avoid your everyday casual look and step up your game. Feel free to experiment but try to match your appearance to the nightclub you are attending.

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