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Halloween Dress Code

Halloween Week – FAQ About Dress Code

  1. What can I wear to the venue for Halloween Weekend?
  • Costumes OR upscale nightlife attire are permitted
  • Costumes must adhere to health code standards. Shirts and shoes are required.
  1. Will I be the only one in costume?
  • Of course not! There is an equal mix of guests in costume and guests in upscale nightlife attire.
  1. Can I wear a mask or use face paint?
  • Yes, but please be aware of the following:
    • Costumes that cover or alter the facial features of a guest must be able to be removed to allow for the ID checking process.
    • If you alter your appearance beyond being able to distinguish your identity with photo ID you will not be permitted to enter the venue, or will be required to remove enough makeup to establish your identity.
  1. Can I wear body paint?
  • No full or partial body paint is allowed
  1. If I am a male, can I wear a female costume?
  • Yes, but you will need to purchase a male ticket as that will be the gender on your identification
  1. Can I wear pasties?
  • No nudity, pasties, or lewd costumes allowed
  1. Can I bring props?
  • Toy weapons are not allowed. This includes plastic swords, guns, etc.
  • Please visualize all props. Any props that can possibly be used as a weapon are not permitted
  • Please check with hotel bell service, or plan on using coat check area for storing of props/weapons
  • No costumes with stilts
  1. What can I expect when I arrive to the venue?
  • With or without a costume, all bags, purses or parcels are subject to search
  • Masks cannot be worn on the casino floor while on your way to the venue or waiting in line.
  1. What costumes are prohibited?
  • No offensive or culturally insensitive costumes
  • No costumes suggesting or promoting illegal narcotics

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