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Eclipse Theatres Downtown Las Vegas

Movie lovers will have a lot to be excited about with the new Eclipse Theatres. A movie theater is among the most wanted commercial attractions Downtown Las Vegas. Eclipse Theatres will be an eight-auditorium, 550-seat, three-story luxury multiplex, scheduled to open on 814 S. Third St. around June 2016. The $21 million project broke ground earlier this month, just a few blocks from multi-level residential buildings, the Arts District and the soon-to-open Pawn Plaza on Las Vegas Boulevard. Potential patrons will have two main ticket options/sections per auditorium: reserved standard leather seats with tables for counter-service dining, and reserved reclining leather seats with a call button which prompts a server to take, then deliver food and liquor orders, likely around $19-$20. Additionally, private VIP “suite boxes” enclosed by panel glass will allow up to 10 people to be as loud or make the movie as loud as they want. An in-house restaurant, bar and lounge round out the amenities. While the usual wide releases will be a no-brainer, Eclipse is exploring the idea of screening specialty fare like operas and Broadway tapings, Spanish-language titles and livestream/live broadcast events like Super Bowl & World Cup. This will definitely be an amazing addition to Downtown Las Vegas

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