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A VIP’s Guide to Las Vegas Pool Parties

by Haylee Graham

Las Vegas is notorious for hosting some of the best pool parties you can attend in your lifetime. What’s better than laying out by the pool, splashing around with your friends, sipping on exotic drinks, and dancing to today’s hottest tunes? When in Vegas during the day, you definitely should jot down on your to-do list to check out a pool party through Chris Hornak’s VIP guest list. But before you do — be prepared! We at Las Vegas Guest List want you to have the best, most fulfilling experience possible. Follow these tips so you know what to expect and can be fully ready to party like a rock star at famous pools in Vegas!

1. H2O is Good for You, I Promise

I know this seems like a no-brainer… to drink water while you dehydrate yourself with alcohol in 100 degree heat… but you would be surprised on how many people forget this very important tip! It’s easy to forget when you have a Margarita in your hand or when you’re dancing for hours on end and getting lost in the music… so make sure to bring a water bottle with you! Or, when you order an alcoholic beverage, order a cup of water as well. Think about it… you’ll be under the hot Vegas sun for hours, sizzling your skin to get that perfect tan, and jumping around in the pool before dancing the day away. Staying hydrated is a must! Whenever I go to a pool party, I always pass by those few people who didn’t drink enough water and ended up sitting on a curb or outside of the pool party trying to cool their bodies down. More often than not, I bring two bottles of water to the clubs… one for me, and one for a depleted party-goer now dry heaving and disoriented because he or she didn’t heed the warning to drink plenty of water! So do yourself the favor and stay hydrated. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by being that one person I have to hand a water bottle to.

2. Siri Doesn’t Need to Join the Party

If you can rely on sticking with your friends then leave your phone in your car! I can’t stress this enough. I’ve seen girls try to hold onto their iPhones in the pool…but after one too many drinks, you always hear that one girl shrieking because she dropped her four hundred dollar device into the water. Or, there’s the sad, yet common, scenario of a phone being stolen — even right out of bags! As much as I like to think of Vegas day-clubbers as honest and peace-loving people, there are a few that will steal your items, especially phones. It’s not worth the risk, guys. Day-clubs aren’t like raves — you won’t lose your friends if you aren’t constantly linking arms. And right after you enter the venue, perhaps it’d be a good idea to organize a good meeting spot in case any of your friends get separated. Come up with an easy plan so you don’t have to risk the cellphone your daddy got you for Christmas.

3. Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

You aren’t in Kansas anymore! You are in the good old desert where the temperatures can exceed 110 degrees! So wear sunscreen, bring sunscreen, and remind your intoxicated self to keep applying sunscreen every hour or so! I know that you want to take advantage of the extra hot Vegas sun to increase your tan, but don’t burn yourself to a crisp! There’s nothing attractive about a red-burned face and a peeling nose…and there’s nothing fun about flinching in pain every time your girlfriend or boyfriend put their arm around you. Don’t sabotage the rest of your clubbing days and nights! Day clubbing in Vegas is going to be a great experience — just don’t forget to protect the skin you’re in…or you’ll be bathing in Aloe Vera for the rest of your Vegas trip.

4. Prepare for the Pool Party T.S.A

Attention clubbers — pool parties do have security that will rummage through your bags. Las Vegas club life in general has a strict policy on what can and cannot be brought into clubs, especially pool parties. Prepare to be searched like you’re going through airport security, folks. No smokes, no weapons, no pepper spray, no glass bottles… you know the drill. We get you on the VIP guest list but that doesn’t mean you can skip through security. So be sure to leave your friend Molly and your buddy Jack Daniels behind!

5. Pace Yourself!

Because as much as you’d like to think so… you are not a machine! You might think you can go “ham” at a day club and still be able to go equally as “ham” at a party at night. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that probably won’t happen. No, after partying and getting drunk for hours and hours in the direct sunlight of Las Vegas heat, dancing, swimming, jumping around, and laughing with your friends… once it’s all said and done, you’ll just want to fall asleep for the rest of your trip. Pace yourself! I’m not trying to sound like an overprotective mother here but I know from my own personal experiences and from watching others that you have to know your limits. Save some energy for the nightlife fun Or, if you want to prove me wrong, then I suggest you buy a couple Red Bulls.


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