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Venus European Pool at Caesar’s Palace

If you’re ready to chill, you’re in the right place. Venus is one of the most relaxing pool clubs on The Strip, the perfect place to hang out during the hot summer days while you wait for the nightlife to kick in; or to recover from the wild nightlife of the night before.

It’s European style, which means going topless is encouraged. The area feels like a private oasis, secluded by lush plant-life from the rest of the Caesar complex. You can choose to settle down on one of the poolside lounges or, for a little extra, enjoy a plus-sized cabana, featuring a couch, a TV, and your own personal bar.

For those who want to feel truly pampered, suntan lotion application, massages, and wraps are available at this Caesars Palace Las Vegas Pool. There’s also a fully stocked bar available, as well as some tasty poolside dining, including a roving margarita and mojito cart.

Enjoy all the luxury of this poolside oasis without breaking the bank with Free Vegas Club Passes! Our Venus Pool Club VIP entry services will help make your experience unforgettable.

Check out Venus Yelp Review below:

Venus Pool Lounge
Camilla J.
Camilla J.
2016-09-13 12:22:17
I had some truly great times at this pool. The service from the cabana guys are fabulous.They were truly helpful with whatever you needed, booking clubs,...
Charlsie D.
Charlsie D.
2018-09-12 12:02:11
I called the front desk and asked if this was opened before taking an uber to the hotel. They said it was. Got there and it was closed.
Ako E.
Ako E.
2017-08-17 12:20:06
Out of all the pools in The Garden of the Gods Oasis, this is my favorite one because it's intimate & NO KIDS!. This pool is European (meaning lots of...

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