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Las Vegas Clubbing Basics

Las Vegas Clubbing Basics


What is a Promoter?

A Vegas promoter is like a concierge, your everyday resource to Sin City’s clublife. The nightlife concierge should be someone you can count on, call up at anytime, and fully rely on to get you and your group into clubs for free! Guestlist companies put Vegas visitors – and even locals – on their guest lists at nightclubs and dayclubs, and should always be available to you if any predicaments arise. Promoters get paid by the clubs for each excited club-goer they bring through the door… so getting on a guest list is ALWAYS free! Be on the lookout for scam-artists posing as promoters. If you run into a promoter who tries to charge you anything to get on our their guest list, then they are likely trying to rip you off.  This is the first lesson in our Las Vegas Clubbing Guide.

Wait…so what exactly is a guest list?

Being on the guest list allows you to skip the long lines and have FREE entry into some of the biggest Las Vegas nightclubs. You’ve seen those excruciating long General Admission lines of anxious club-goers! Not only does General Admission have to miss out on most of the party because of the long waits, but they also have to pay full price! So why do that when you can hop on our guest list, skip those ridiculous lines, and party for free? A Vegas nightlife concierge’s guest list such as Chris Hornak’s will grant you not only quick and free entry, but also drink specials for all the ladies!

And you should get on Chris Hornak’s list because…

Chris Hornak is the epitome of a reliable Las Vegas nightclub promoter with a flawless track record and impressive achievements in the industry. He has been a club promoter for over 7 years and has collected [testimonials_count] reviews from club-goers. The Free Vegas Club Passes VIP guest list alone has helped an estimated [satisfied_customers] clubbers party at the best nightclubs in Vegas! Clubbing for beginners has never been easier! Chris Hornak, known to be one of Sin City’s top promoters, will make sure you and your group have the time of your life in Vegas — and for free!

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