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LAX Nightclub at Luxor

LAX is easily one of the hottest clubs in Vegas. Filled primarily with a young, well-dressed crowd between 21-30, the energy is high and the party is huge. Boasting 26,000 feet of high tech nightlife, the club is packed on the weekends and projects an atmosphere of one giant group party, even across its two stories.

The LAX entryway is made up of a huge Gothic gate that provides plenty of reason to gawk. In fact, the whole club has a unique mix of tech and Gothic influences which make its overall presentation something worth seeing. Inside, dramatically blue-lit staircases lead upstairs, while another arcs gracefully down again for the grand entrances of celebrities (or enthusiastic guests). Dancing, alcohol, and VIP seating is plentiful on both floors, and the two floors feel remarkably connected so you won’t have to pick from two distinct parties.

Another secret to LAX is the semi-private Savile Row situated just inside. Shortly after entering LAX, you’ll be greeted with this low-key, elegant indulgence in plush leathers and Swarovski crystals, including a giant crystal chandelier. Full table service is provided, so you won’t have to jostle your way to and from the bar every time someone’s glass runs dry.

LAX is an amazing club. If you’re older than 30 you may not enjoy it, but if you just turned 21 this place is your new heaven. Tons of beautiful women and an amazing atmosphere make LAX at Luxor a must-see.

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If you’re hoping to avoid burning a hole in your wallet from a visit to LAX, you’ve come to the right place. You can skip the high prices and get in for cheap or even free with our LAX Nightclub Guest List. Not only that, but you don’t have to spend your whole night waiting in line, either! Skip the General Admission line and get in to the party faster! Check out the links below to sign up, or go ahead and contact us if you have any questions at all.

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