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Day at GBDC

Our day at the one and only Ghostbar Day Club, also known as GBDC, was like no other dayclub I’ve been to in Sin City! I walked in with free cover on respected Las Vegas promoter, Hornak’s VIP guest list. Once through the doors, first thing that I noticed was the lively atmosphere. When you walk into GBDC, the high energy is infectious from all of the staff members including the smiling security guards, the Go-Go dancers dancing on the bar, the costumed performers on stilts, and the always friendly bartenders! All the employees at this dayclub make it a priority to make sure that everybody there is having the time of their lives! As I continued looking around the club, I saw many tables topped with bottles surrounded by happy customers dressed in fun rave apparel. The DJ on the dance floor was interactive with everyone in the club and an MC hosted contests and kept the energy up! From everywhere around me, happy clubbers were merrily throwing confetti in the air as fog machines went off simultaneous to the diverse mix of hip hop and electronic music.

The girls and I grabbed a drink and went by the dance floor just in time to have front row views of people having beer bong drinking contests out of flamingo shaped beer bongs. There was also a Go Go dancer on stilts holding a goal post and encouraging people to throw an inflatable football over her head in the middle of the posts. I was loving how interactive everything was between the employees and the clients in the club! There was also access to an outdoor patio that sits 55 stories high overlooking the entire Las Vegas strip. As we mingled, we noticed an employee walking around blowing a whistle waving something around. I stopped him and asked what he was doing, he smiled, handed me a pink and black bandanna and a pair of fun green glasses, and said, “Here you go sweetheart! Enjoy yourself and let me know if you girls need anything!”

Ghostbar Day Club is a fun and laid back club that is great for meeting new people too! I love going to both the night club and the day club simply because I have yet to have anything less than an amazing time there. The clubbers are enthusiastic and the staff is always energetic! I also never spend too much money on drinks because on Vegas promoter Hornak’s VIP guest list, I get a free drink ticket! At Las Vegas Guest List, we want all of our clients to be able to have a great time on a low budget.

Need a promoter or VIP host to help you party the day away like I did? So if you think that GBDC is the place you want to spend your Saturday afternoon then visit our website at and fill out our simple sign-up form. You can also always text us at (702)-518-2582 to get on our guest list and we will ensure that the ladies in your group get free entry, gents get reduced cover at only $20, and the first 100 ladies get a free drink!


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