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Average Drink Prices in Vegas Clubs

Drinks in Vegas, Drink Costs

Average Drink Prices in Las Vegas Nightclubs


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What are the general drink prices:

Knowing the general drink prices in Vegas before you even set foot in a nightclub or bar on the Strip will only help you enjoy your Las Vegas experience. Be aware that the drink prices are higher than what you may be used to in your hometown because Las Vegas is a major city.

Las Vegas is a glittering, opulent spectacle and a very serious party town. It’s what we do best, of course! And, like any major city with a constant stream of tourists flowing through, the drink prices are a bit more than what you might find at your local town bar or pub. While you don’t need to break your bank to purchase drinks out on the Strip, it’s best to be prepared and know what your preferred cocktails and shots will cost.

The cost of a Beer:

Both domestic and imported, start around $7 or $8 making them among the most moderately priced of any alcoholic beverages. Ordering something non-alcoholic, such as juice or soda, will also range on the low end of the price spectrum, around $7. That goes for bottled water, as well.

Mixed house shots average cost:

Ring in at around $12 or so. More complicated shots can bring that price up depending on the ingredients. A basic mixed drink (vodka cranberry, screwdriver, or a Jack and Coke) will cost anywhere from about $25, while asking for a special type of liquor may bring the price up slightly. Red Bull can add a few dollars onto your tab as a mixer, as it is slightly more costly than, say, soda or tonic water. Cocktails, such as a margarita or a Long Island iced tea, usually range anywhere from $20 – $30 and can become more expensive depending on the complexity of the drink. So save money with our guest list and avoid the cover charges, make sure to signup on the vip guest list.

Spending and budgeting your money wisely during a stay in Las Vegas is a must. Knowing what to expect for drink prices in Vegas when you plan out your nighttime activities is invaluable, especially when buying drinks at clubs on the Strip. Average liquor prices in Las Vegas may come as a shock to some patrons visiting the city, but only if they come to town without doing a little research.  If you feel like avoiding drinks at the bar all together we recommend looking into Bottle service with table reservations. 


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