Apr 04 2009

I don’t know if I’d say awkward. Girls tend to be more handsy when getting a lap dance because they sometimes feel like the same laws that apply to men as customers, don’t apply to them because they’re sporting a vag. I have news: if you’re paying for a lap dance, you’re a customer. The rules that apply to men, apply to women as well. And usually the point of a partner getting a lap dance is to turn them both on, not just the lap dancee, (did I just make up a word?). So, no, it isn’t awkward to have a boyfriend/spouse as an audience.

Apr 02 2009

The typical amount is one dollar. I did once recieve a $100 bill, which was awesome. And rarely a $20. I even used to have a customer that tipped me in $2 bills!

Apr 01 2009

Husband, boyfriend, any friend…not at all. In fact, I think it’s really hot to take a date into a club, watch him get lap dances and judge the girls performance by grabbing his crotch during the dance to see if…well, you know.

Mar 29 2009

In reality, not many. In my years of dancing, I’ve only met one lesbian stripper. As for bi, well it’s my experience AND opinion that every girl is bi with some girls. Or a significant amount of vodka.

Mar 28 2009

Nope, never worked there. And, btw, Broadstreets was open back when I was like 8. So….um…no.

Mar 26 2009

If you never have more than $10 to spend, why are you going into a strip club in the first place? In answer to your question, no there is no lack of available, hot guys. My guess is, you should probably stop going to the club where your ex girlfriends work if you don’t want them dragging you to the dressing room.

Mar 11 2009

No. Not usually.

Mar 10 2009

The etiquette is…DON’T cum in your freakin’ pants! Dude, hold your load! No, it’s not flattering or “mission accomplished!” It basically screams, “I’m a one pump chump and will not likely satisfy any woman I sleep with.”

Mar 08 2009

Most of those dancer pics on other sites are stock photos. Rick’s did actually used to post some of the more tenured dancers, but since strippers tend to be nomadic, it makes no sense to post a picture of a girl who may work this week, but go somewhere else the next.

Mar 07 2009

No, we prefer paper and flowers. That’s way hotter than anything sparkly.

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