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Wetn’Wild Las Vegas Water Park in Las Vegas

With Las Vegas being so hot and in the middle of the desert a water park in Sin City would be an amazing experience. Opening this year on March 19th  Wetn’Wild Las Vegas is Nevada’s premier water park with more than 25 slides and attractions covering more than 20 acres, and a place for thrill seekers and families alike.

Families and those wanting a more relaxing experience can enjoy Paradise Falls, the interactive children’s area with kid friendly slides and a giant dumping bucket; Colorado Cooler lazy river;  Red Rock Bay wave pool; and the  the relaxing 1,000-foot winding Lazy River is a sure bet to beat the heat. The Zipp Zapp Zoom features the newest addition to the Park, Slideboarding, the world’s first waterslide gaming experience. Slideboarding mixes gaming, skill, and competitive sports with the thrills of a water park.  Wet’n’Wild is an ideal location for everyone to cool down this summer!

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