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What is a Nightswim?

They happen every Sunday in Las Vegas. You’ll hear about it from both locals and visitors, and perhaps the number one question you’ll be asked is, “Are you going to the nightswim?” But what exactly is a night swim in Las Vegas, and what can you expect?

A nightswim is an exciting Vegas night pool party usually featuring a world famous DJ to keep the crowd dancing and splashing around. These sorts of parties are held weekly at popular hotels such as Encore and Mandalay Bay. The XS Sunday Nightswim is perhaps the most popular nighttime pool party in Sin City. With its huge venue, large and heated pool, and multiple dancefloors, it’s no wonder that XS has been deemed the country’s #1 nightclub!

On Chris Hornak’s VIP guest list, you can get your group into the famous nightswim with free entry! Our list also will make all your Ladies happy with a free drink for each! XS has attracted internationally famous musical talent from Skrillex, to Major Lazer, to Knife Party and Wolfgang Gartner. The alternative Sunday nightswim, Eclipse, is hosted at the renowned Mandalay Bay pool. Celebrated DJs such as Nicky Romero, Alesso, Dyro, and Krewella have hosted some of the city’s most wild parties at this nighttime time pool party. So don’t miss out on our Vegas Night Swim Guestlist!

Eclipse, held at the same venue as Daylight, is known for its enormous venue and electrifying stage that excites the crowd with thrilling visual effects. Even better, Chris Hornak’s VIP list can get your group in free and your Ladies open bar at Eclipse!

Dayclubs are great, but the sun can be draining and put you more at risk of dehydration and exhaustion. At a nightswim, you’ll have just as much fun — if not more fun — than a regular dayclub! Party under the stars in the famous Vegas pools to some of the top EDM DJs in the world, and do it for free! Sign up to be a VIP at a nightswim through Free Vegas Club Passes so you can keep the festivities going even when the weekend is ending!


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