VIP Entry Passes Savile Row at Luxor

Savile Row at the Luxor

Savile Row, formerly Noir Bar, is the exclusive club below LAX at the Luxor Resort, and Free Vegas Club Passes has the inside scoop! Seductive and addicting, Savile Row Las Vegas is intimate, at just 2,000 square feet. It seeks to capture the eclectic and upper-crust atmosphere of the infamous tailoring street in London, playing off the name and style but adding a distinctly warm, exclusive flair. Only members and invited guests can even set foot inside this most modern, “made-to-measure” experience. Savile Row is best late on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you want to have a total VIP experience, Savile Row at Luxor is the place to go. The chandeliers, leather, and various tailoring paraphernalia will have you gawking, but you don’t visit Savile Row for the “stuff”. This club is all about the total experience. The aim is to bring together the most interesting group of people possible from a diverse selection of backgrounds, thereby creating an “exciting and impulsive” atmosphere that’s simply not to be found anywhere else.

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