Las Vegas Nightclub Promoter: Chris Hornak

Vegas Club Promoter Chris Hornak

Hi, I’m Chris, I run I’m a Las Vegas Night Club Concierge.

I fell into this industry and then fell in love with it. I covered for a vacationing promoter friend years ago and discovered my dream job. Years later; here I am. Running Free Vegas Club Passes, answering all your phone calls, and walking you into clubs. I really love my job. I get paid to hook people up at the hottest clubs in Las Vegas!

I quickly realized the way to be a successful nightclub concierge is to take care of your clients. Make sure they have a great time and they will call you again. I’ve found that when people are treated well they tell their friends who tell their friends. I’ve become successful just by being the reliable guy that makes sure people are happy and treated well. Many of my clients can attest to me going that extra mile; whether it be to get them into a club 4 hours after guest list closed or taking the time to make sure each client has a great night. I know without my devoted partiers, this business would not survive.

To my clients; Thank You!

Chris Hornak
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