Tickets vs. Guest List

Tickets vs. Guest List

Haylee Graham

If it’s your first time in fabulous Las Vegas, then don’t make the all too common mistake of wasting away your money on club tickets, just to end up in a long line and waiting more than you are partying! Vegas isn’t like other cities where club promoters are sometimes unheard of, and getting free entry is almost impossible unless you know the big cats of clublife! Here in Sin City, the VIP Guest List allows you to skip excruciating long lines, enjoy drink specials and benefits, and most of all — club in Vegas for absolutely free!

Tickets are expensive and time-consuming. If you do (for some reason) want to experience being in the General Admission line at a Vegas nightclub, you will have to purchase your ticket online or pay upfront at the door with no guarantee that the tickets will still be available by the time you get there! It’s an unnecessary and unpredictable hassle. There’s no reason to add that stress on yourself! Just save time and money and hop on the guest list!

So exactly how do you get on the guest list? It’s easy! All you have to do is text your nightclub concierge the club you wish to attend and the amount of Ladies and Gentlemen in your group. Remember – even female and male ratio in Vegas is the way to go! If you have more Ladies than Gents, no worries… clubs like their beautiful females! You then will receive a confirmation text message and/or email with specific guest list arrival information and directions. Show up on time and you’re ready and set to party as a true Vegas Club VIP!

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