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Daylight Beach Club is my favorite day club to attend on a Las Vegas Saturday. The venue is massive with a huge stage accompanied by lights and an incredible, heart-pounding sound system. There’s something about this venue that makes this the final destination for an exciting and energy filled pool party. Perhaps it’s the party performers who hype up the crowd consistently, stirring up the party-vibe like atmosphere and enhancing everyone’s excitement. Or it could be the two free drinks we, as ladies, get on our guest list! Maybe it’s the world’s top DJs and talent putting on some of the best shows I’ve ever experienced! Whatever it is — this is the best place to go to if you are looking for a wild time! Our list gets your Ladies and Gents free, and your Ladies two free drinks. Don’t miss out on one of my personal picks of the greatest pool party spots in Las Vegas!


TAO Nightclub at the Venetian is an essential megaclub to visit while you’re in Vegas. It’s three venues in one, so feel free to party at the TAO Beach dayclub or grab a bite eat at TAO’s very own Asian restaurant before hitting the nightclub. Known for its aristocratic club setting and party ambiance, TAO Nightclub is 10,000 square feet of beautiful go-go dancers, luxurious adornment, and exquisite decor in every corner. Holding the title for years as one of the highest grossing nightclubs in the country, TAO perhaps has one of the most lively and invigorating party atmospheres as it can host as many as 3,000 or more party-goers on any given night. Celebrities and famous DJs alike host parties at this elegant venue, electrifying the club to become one of the most exciting dance floor settings in Vegas. On our list, your group gets in free and your Ladies get a whole hour of free drinks! This is one of the best ways to spend your Saturday night in Las Vegas — guaranteed!

Strip Club:

Little Darlings is an 18+ all nude Las Vegas strip club with gorgeous girls, themed nights, stripper contests, and a big stage for the performers to show off their best moves! The venue is perfectly sized, not too big and not too small, to provide you with a classic intimate setting with these incredible and talented dancers. Little Darlings is my first pick if you’re looking for fully nude dancers and a relaxed, easy-going setting. On certain nights, contests take place such as the “The Stripper Hot Dog Eating Contest” and themed nights every day of the week! Though it’s an alcohol-free venue, the club does offer Hookah and VIP packages. A fun atmosphere with enthusiastic and beautiful girls, Little Darlings is an ideal spot for any man or woman looking for a lively strip club! Free Vegas Club Passes offers a free limo roundtrip and cover is only $30, but that includes unlimited soft drinks and a guaranteed great time!

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