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Rok Nightclub at the NYNY – Closed

Rok rocks — from the walls blaring video images to the hard tracks blasting from the speakers — and it doesn’t apologize. Known as one of the most technologically advanced clubs in the country, you won’t want to miss it! Rok captures the energy of New York, “the city that never sleeps”, with the exciting party nature of Sin City in which it resides. It even has slight S&M undertones, just to emphasize the city’s wild side.

Your legs will get a workout on the dance floor, but the rest of your senses won’t be left behind, either, with the lighting effects and projected imagery that really start to look interesting after a few drinks. That’s just part of the job of the VJ (video jockey), a multimedia sight-and-sound guru in charge of giving you a total sensory experience. And believe us, with it’s 360° video screen, Rok comes pretty close.

But you don’t have to feel the noise nonstop; the outdoor VIP lounge, Lime Light, is surprisingly intimate. With views of The Strip and often a separate DJ, it makes a nice mini-getaway when the action inside reaches a fever pitch (and believe us, it will).

It’s loud, it’s wild — it’s rocking. In short, Rok is the place to be to experience the loudest, most let-loose party The Strip has to offer.

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