Las Vegas Club Crawls

What’s a pub crawl you may ask? It’s a dangerous drunken excursion in which oblivious foreigners travel to low end bars and waste away all their money on overpriced drinks. After too many bars and too much spending, the pub crawl is over, the night is winding down, bars are closing up and the homeless are taking to the streets. Often, pub crawl-goers find themselves traveling more from one half-empty bar to the next rather than partying like they came to do!

This tragedy of a night happens too often to visitors in Vegas. Truth is… pub crawls are not the way to go in Sin City! Why waste a night spending hundreds of dollars at low-end bars, getting so drunk you forget about your excursion in the morning — when you can instead create a night worth remembering with Las Vegas Nightclub Guest List!

Chris Hornak’s VIP Guest List not only gets your group in free to the most desired nightclubs in Las Vegas, but it also pushes you and your group to the front of the line for quick and hassle-free entry so you can get straight to partying! We get your Ladies drink specials so no worries, Gents, you don’t even have to spend your own money to buy that cute girl a drink! (Though it could earn you some brownie points.) Light, Hakkasan, Marquee! The country’s number one nightclub, XS! You’ve heard the big nightlife names — and I’m sure you’ve dreamed of clubbing in them! Through Free Vegas Club Passes, you can have the time of your life at these spectacular Vegas spots — and for FREE!

But what about LAX, Tryst, Tao, Ghostbar, and Hyde? Elegant and tasteful clubs where you can dance the night away to the hottest EDM and hip hop tunes. In Vegas, nightclubs are the way to go and through us of course! Enjoy the best Las Vegas club crawl with free admission, quick entry, drink specials, and a good time, always! Party the right way, party for free, and party with us at Las Vegas Guest List.en