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Nightclubs Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Clubbing in Las Vegas for Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is perhaps one of the busiest weekends for partying in Vegas. Thousands of clubbers flock to Sin City to get a break away from their normal day-to-day lives and let themselves go through lights, music, and sometimes questionable decisions.

Labor Day weekend starts at the end of August, and though summer is over for many places in the U.S., it still can reach over 100 degrees in Vegas! Pool parties are one of the few ways to cool off in the Vegas. Labor Day Weekend brings some of the most enthusiastic pool partiers and only the biggest electronic artists such as Sultan + Shepard, Diplo, Skrillex, and more household names. Chris Hornaks’ VIP guest list can get you and your group into these most popular Vegas dayclubs for free!

So what are the best Labor Day Weekend pool parties? Favorite Friday spots for both locals and Vegas visitors are Marquee Dayclub and Flamingo GoPool. Marquee Dayclub features upgraded high-tech effects including fireworks, and Ditch Fridays is known to be the biggest Las Vegas pool party! When Saturday comes around, the best parties can be found at Daylight and Tao Beach. Daylight sets a whole new standard for dayclubs with its impressive stage and sound system, and Tao Beach, though a smaller and more intimate pool, continuously hosts wild parties full of champagne and confetti showers. Sunday, Rehab is one of the craziest pool parties in the city and always provides a fun time! You can bet that over LDW, hundreds will bask in the sun, rock their best dance moves, and toast exotic drinks to their vacation in Vegas.

At night, Sin City is lit up with hundreds of people just looking to have a good time at some of the world’s top rated clubs. So, which Las Vegas nightclubs are the best during LDW?  Light nightclub owns Friday nights with their visually spectacular shows, impressive performances, and phenomenal DJs. Come Saturday, it’s all about TAO nightclub! This club, known as one of the most happening clubs on a weekend, not only hosts a mixture of hip-hop talent and world-famous DJs, but it also showcases elegant features and impressive decor. It seems like each night will get better and better because when Sunday rolls around, hundreds will party at the famous XS Nightswim! What could be better than a night-time pool party at the country’s #1 nightclub? And then, end your Labor Day at Marquee nightclub for their weekly wild Marquee Mondays where artists such as Dash Berlin, Tritonal, and Armin Van Buuren take over the turntables!

The biggest advice for Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend partying is to show up early to all these clubs so you can get the smoothest entry possible. It’s going to be a wild weekend where the entire city is filled with up to two million visitors from around the world! Make sure to get on the Free Vegas Club Passes guest list so you don’t have to spend a dime to get in! Through Chris Hornak, you’re not only a VIP and get free entry, but your Ladies also get free drinks at most of the clubs! So, doesn’t clubbing n Vegas for Labor Day Weekend sound like a blast? Simply sign up on the guest lists with Free Vegas Club Passes — and get ready to party hard on your vacation, and party for free!

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Labor Day in Las Vegas is a great time to cut loose and party, and where better to do that than Sin City? Things aren’t quite the status quo on holiday weekends; the clubs are ready for the massive crowds, so you should be too! Check out these few pro tips so you can get the most out of clubbing this Labor Day.

Here are some important things you should know about clubbing in Las Vegas on Labor Day Weekend:

Early Arrival Is a Must

Clubbing in Vegas over a long Labor Day Weekend is a great idea — but you’re not the only one who has it! Expect the clubs to be packed to the gills every night. This makes for a great party scene, but it also means clubs reach capacity fast so you absolutely must arrive early. 9pm-9:30pm is ideal for most venues.

Special Labor Day Weekend Scheduling

Expect nightclubs to change their hours to make the most of the holiday weekend. They may also offer special promotions on certain days, or remove those that are usually available.

This info changes often; some clubs info will change day of or day before. We’ll update our Guest List groups as new information comes in, and we’ll keep this list updated as well. FreeVegasClubPasses will also keep extended hours during LDW to ensure everyone gets in.

Please be sure to contact us with any questions about spending your Labor Day in Las Vegas.


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