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Palomino Club Las Vegas

Palomino Club, Las Vegas’ oldest and most notorious strip club, is a Sin City experience not to be missed! Palomino features fully nude dancers, both male and female, as well as a full bar. While all other strip clubs in Las Vegas opened after the laws regarding liquor licensing and adult entertainment came to be, Palomino Club was grandfathered in to give patrons an adventure unlike any other!

A beautiful building reminiscent of its old Las Vegas charm, Palomino Club is 30,000 square feet of sultry space. A very modern strip club with a little nostalgia thrown in, the club features lush colors, comfortable seating, a double-pole stage and multiple fantasy rooms. Palomino Club has been featured on multiple television channels and shows featuring unique Las Vegas attractions, such as the Discovery Channel, A&E, and Playboy TV.

The fully-stocked bar has liquor to suit any taste, and friendly bartenders to make your drinks upon request at Palomino. Vegas bottle service is always an option if you’d like a cocktail waitress to serve you directly while you sit at a table. There is plenty of seating available if you would rather sit up at the stage or move around as the night goes on.

Customer satisfaction is Palomino Club’s top priority. The dancers want to make every customer feel special and at ease. Despite seeming like an intense atmosphere, Palomino is actually the perfect place for patrons both familiar and new to strip clubs. Here at Free Vegas Club Passes, we believe there is something at this venue for everyone! Let go of your inhibitions and take in the experience that is the perfect mix of new and old Las Vegas entertainment at Palomino Club.


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