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Meet the FreeVegas Team

Free Vegas Club Passes is made up of a team of four hardworking professionals who are dedicated to your good time. It’s always comforting to know that you’re never talking with a robot and you’re being helped by real people. With trained expertise, non-stop proficiency, and fun personalities. We are your Vegas planners for the best days and nights of your life!

Kate the Great - Owner

Kate the Great Vegas Promoter

Kate, a New York native, is officially the right hand woman for Las Vegas Guest List who has been with the company since the very beginning. With extraordinary clerical and customer service skills, Kate is a fundamental part of Las Vegas Guest List. Kate first joined the team because she wanted to work behind-the-scenes in Las Vegas nightlife. Outside of nightlife, Kate is a gifted cook, often watches scary movies, and dances at Pole Fitness Studio for fun!

The Late Chris Hornak Company Founder

Originally from New York, Chris Hornak jumped into the nightlife after covering for a promoter friend. Through that, he discovered he had a true talent for handling groups of people, and so he went off to start Las Vegas Guest List! Seven years later, it’s one of the biggest promoting companies you can turn to in Vegas. Notably, Chris is the most reviewed and most popular club promoter in Sin City! Besides nightlife, Chris enjoys traveling and cars.

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