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Las Vegas Signature Cocktail the Buzz Button
Buzz Button CocktailIf someone told you to eat a flower that makes your face numb and tingle would you do it? Probably not. If someone told you to eat the same flower from an $18 drink at the Chandelier Bar inside of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas would you? Of course you would, Las Vegas nightlife is full of surprises.

The Flower Drink at the Chandelier Bar called the “Buzz Button”, the “Szechuan Button” or the “Verbena Cocktail” is a must to wake you up before hitting the Strip’s Nightclubs and taking advantage of the vast Las Vegas nightlife options. The flower comes inside of a drink, a lemonade-margarita type of alcoholic mixture that complements this face numbing flower, a hibiscus to be specific. Although it’s not available on the menu it remains one of the best-selling cocktails in the hotel and the perfect way to start off your night in Las Vegas.

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