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Las Vegas Pool Party Attire

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Pool Attire

Are you and your friends ready to have some fun in the Vegas sun? Pool parties are the best way to keep cool in the heat and party the day away! However, regardless if you are actually going in the pool or not, the club holds standards as to how you should dress and what counts as Vegas pool party attire while on guest list or checking in for you Bottle Service Reservations.

And one of the most frequently asked questions we, at Free Vegas Club Passes, are asked is:

What do I wear to a pool party ?

It seems likes a redundant question… but, in general, expectations are different for Vegas day club attire while on guest list or for bottle service, even with day clubs.


Men, wear your best board shorts or swim trunks, but don’t walk up to the door half-naked. I know you want to show off the fact you actually work out, but save your six pack for when you’re at the pool. Just throw on a nice t-shirt or tank-top until you’re in the dayclub. Please, no wife-beaters. Bouncers don’t approve of men who beat their wives, so leave that one at home. Most of all, don’t look sloppy with baggy clothing, which means no sweatpants, gym shorts, or over-sized shirts. You’re in Vegas now, Gents! Time to look your best to impress all the ladies!


And as for you, ladies, let’s see you rock that sexy new bikini you just bought! It’s recommended not to show up just in the bikini though, so just throw on a pretty sundress, or a nice top and shorts, over your swim suit and you’re ready to hit the party! Just make sure you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. I know you probably partied like a rockstar the night before, but hungover isn’t a good look! Remember to always dress to impress, even at pool parties!


As for shoe wear… no tennis shoes, combat boots, hipster shoes, or Uggs. Keep it simple — wear sandals! Ladies are more than welcome to wear heels… but just be nice to your feet. My personal recommendation is to just go with a nice pair of flip-flops so you can easily throw them off to hop in the pool… or slip them on quickly so you can step onto the dance floor. Not following the Vegas pool party dress code is the quickest way to get denied entry on the guest list.

Yes, There is a Bouncer

If you disregard my tips on Vegas pool party outfits entirely, you might be denied entry on the guest list to the pool and the bouncer will point you in the direction of the nearest swim-suit store. Don’t miss an hour out of the party because you had to go hunt down a bathing suit! Just follow these guidelines for Vegas attire by the pool and you’re set to get your tan on, splash around in the pool, and party for free on our free Las Vegas guest list at Sin City’s biggest dayclubs!


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