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As great as those are, Las Vegas has more things to do besides Nightclubs and Pool Parties. While you’re here, why not consider venturing a little ways off the Strip. See below for information on other fun activities in Vegas, like Go Kart Racing and Pole Dancing Classes.

And of course, here at Free Vegas Club Passes we believe your visit is not complete without taking a spin on Las Vegas new Observation Wheel.

Gene Woods Racing Experience

gene-woods-racing-experience Gene Woods Racing Experience, named for the racing veteran and three-time champion, packs big racing action into extremely fast high-performance karts that let you battle the other competitors, side by side, just inches off the ground.

Though the Las Vegas Strip provides a glittering backdrop, to the drivers at Gene Woods Racing Experience, the blinking lights are all a blur. Behind the wheel of the high-performance karts, you’ll zip around the half-mile track at speeds faster than other standard racing kart’s top speeds. Drivers learn to commandeer the speedy karts through an instructional video before they are let loose onto the curving track for 10 heart-pounding laps.

Between races, competitors can go head to head in the arcade and racing legend Gene Woods is at the track most days, giving tips and telling stories.

Come see for yourself what all the action is about!


Pole Fitness Classes

pole-fitness-vegas-logoHey ladies and gentlemen – while you’re out here in Vegas, why not learn a sexy move or two at Pole Fitness Studios?

Learn both a lap dance routine and a pole routine to surprise your friends – and hopefully not your family – back home! Are you ready to be taught the sexiest routines from professional instructors who have instructed celebrities such as Britney Spears? And at the end of the class, Lady of Honor receives a one of a kind “I Love Pole Dancing” tank top, and everyone is awarded ACertified Sexy Certificates.”

So come on out to the two story fitness studio and choose from 31 poles! Sign up now for a discounted price of $35.00 to take this incredibly fun and interactive fitness class from world-renowned instructors Pole Fitness Studio website


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