How to get Free Drinks in Vegas

When visiting the fabulous City of Sin, ordinarily you can expect to spend money extravagantly to fully enjoy all the glitz and glamour of Vegas — especially if this is your first visit here. Prices for everything here are high. But, in fact, there are deals to be had here. You just need to know who to talk to about what you want to do, and where to find the best deals on what you want.

Topping the wish-list of typical visitors to Vegas are to get free drinks, free passes into the clubs, and great deals on tables and bottle service at nightclubs and strip clubs. When you get the right concierge or Guestlist company (such as Free Vegas Club Passes) to help you plan the Vegas vacation of your dreams, you can get help with free passes or reduced covers, and great deals on tables and bottle service at the club!

Now, with Las Vegas free drinks that can be a little bit more tricky. The reason I say this is simply because venues (clubs) out here in the lovely Las Vegas always want at least even ratio of ladies to men on guest lists like ours, and when they do offer free drinks or open bar it is for the ladies only. One approach, used infrequently, is drink tickets. Drink tickets (for the most part) are for both ladies and gents! However, usually with drink tickets it is in connection with a special event; or just because you have spent a lot of money; or maybe even because you are a loyal client of a company or club.

While we can help you with so many aspects of your wants and needs on your Vegas trip, unfortunately we, like every other promotions company and independent nightlife concierge, are limited in our ability to get everyone free drinks in Vegas.


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