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Haze Nightclub – CLOSED

Haze Nightclub in CityCenter

It seems like a lot of people these days go to clubs to stand around talking and drinking. If you’re more the hardcore type who goes to dance clubs to, well, dance (yeah, remember that?), then Haze is your place. Don’t be fooled by the fact it’s in CityCenter’s sophisticated and upscale Aria. Haze is built for dancing — there’s a reason there aren’t many places to sit, and a reason it’s usually utterly packed with bodies — with loud, contemporary club tunes banging through the 25,500 square-foot club.

The most prominent feature of the Haze is a grand staircase leading to a mezzanine level which offers a bird’s eye view of the dance floor. That nice touch is offset by some startling modern features, such as plush, waving walls, laser lights and some of the hottest go-go dancers boasting some of the most acrobatic dance moves this side of a Cirque show. Also, if you see a giant dancing giraffe or tiger cavorting on one of the many platforms, no, somebody didn’t slip something in your drink. That’s just the way things are here at Haze, a true clubber’s club.


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