Cathouse Night Club at Luxor – CLOSED


The CatHouse nightclub at the Luxor is one of Las Vegas’ most sensual clubbing experiences. Modeled after a 19th century bordello, its rich colors and sense of seduction will quickly draw you into a different world.

Thanks to its detailed decor and beautiful dancers, CatHouse Luxor brings all the magic of theater beyond the red curtain, making its visitors an integral part of its unique scene. In the main Loungerie, Coquette dancers dressed only in lingerie will excite your senses and entice you into the music to begin dancing yourself. As you move about the room, you’ll find hundreds of intimate artifacts scavenged from the 1800s. From iron corsets tucked in various corners to antique bed warmers and even personal black and white photographs, the details of CatHouse are meticulously laid out to transport you to an erotic past. A hallway leading to the restrooms is lined with faux doors, further mimicking the experience of walking through a bordello.

Step out of the main action or wind down your evening under a grand crystal chandelier in the aptly named Chandelier Room as you savor world-class cocktails and enjoy hookah service. Scantily clad waitresses dressed only in sexy lingerie will cater to your every need as you relax and unwind, savoring your time in this uniquely Victorian tribute to the sensuality of times past.

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Now you’ve decided you want to go, but the next question is, “how much will it cost?” With FreeVegasClubPasses, a heck of a lot less! If you sign up for our guest list, ladies and gentlemen both get in free, as long as your group has at least one lady for every gent. Ladies will also get free champagne 10:30-12am every day of the week! Perhaps the best part of all is getting to skip the General Admission line and get your clubbing on early!

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[venue] Table Deals!

  • $220 Bottles of Skyy
  • Table for up to 10 people
  • $300 out the door. The best table deal in Vegas!


Pictures and Video of [venue]

Free Entry to Cathouse

CatHouse Dining Room 1

CatHouse Dining Room 2

CatHouse Chandelier Entrance

Chandelier Room-Dressing at CatHouse

CatHouse Loungerie

Lower Entry of CatHouse


Female Guests

Male Guests

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