Favorite Nightclubs II

Las Vegas, or Sin City, as many call it, is well known for the glitz, glamour, gambling and club life! Being a local, born and raised here in the fabulous city of sin, I have a few of my own favorite clubs that I love to visit to just let loose and have an amazing time!

My number one favorite club is XS Nightclub at the Wynn. With its beautiful and extravagant decor, huge layout including a large dance floor, a spacious courtyard outside the back of the club, and a large pool for the weekly XS Nightswim. There is always an amazing vibe at XS and I have yet to have a bad time there! Better yet, Chris Hornak’s VIP guest list gets your group in absolutely free and your Ladies a free drink! So what are you waiting for? Come party at the country’s #1 nightclub for free!

My second favorite club to go to is Light at Mandalay Bay! Light is one of the most spectacular clubs I have ever been to! This club has LED screens covering the walls and ceilings that display incredible and almost psychedelic images during the performances to rapture you in what seems like a different world. During our night out, we all need to take a break from the dance floor. While you take a minute to talk to a friend and sip a drink, you will be amazed by some phenomenal performances by Cirque du Soleil’s very own acrobats! Not only do you have a great night out dancing and socializing but you also get a free show! Light is definitely a fun and wild night. Get your group in free through Chris Hornak’s VIP guest list and impress your Ladies with two free drinks!

Now last but most certainly not least, number three on my top favorite Vegas nightclubs goes out to Ghostbar at the Palms. The Palms has always been one of my favorite places when I want to go gamble a little and have a drink. The balcony has a beautiful view of Las Vegas in all of its beauty, to put it simply the Ghostbar is a really fun and high energy club that you are bound to love! Sign up through Free Vegas Club Passes and your Ladies will be free and will get a free drink! Gentlemen are free before midnight and $15 after.

The great thing about the nightlife in Vegas is that no matter what kind of music you love or what kind of a surrounding you want for your night out there are so many options as far as where you can go! If you want to go to a night time pool party in the summer, you can, if you want to go to a club where you want to hear hip hop, you can, if you want to go to a club where you can listen to EDM, you can! There is basically an option for whatever your taste in music is, and Free Vegas Club Passes can help you plan your perfect night and match you with the club that fits you and what you want to experience out here in Sin City!