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Favorite Clubs to Meet New People


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Favorite Vegas Clubs to Meet New People

Clubs in Vegas are always a fun way to get dressed up go out on the town and dance while have some drinks and meeting new people! However there are certain clubs here that are great for meeting people and others that are better just for dancing and being in your own world with the friends you go out with. The best clubs to meet new people are those with mingling spaces.

My absolute favorite club to meet people at has to be Marquee nightclub! Every time I have gone there I have met great people and it is a great place to meet people because you have the patio by the pool to go out by and be able to actually hold a conversation with someone! They have a great club that surrounds the dance floor and DJ booth along with a beautiful patio by the pool where you can also get a table at! They play different music both inside and outside so whatever your interest is you have options! On our list for Marquee on Mondays ladies and gents get free entry and ladies get open bar until 11pm, and on Fridays ladies and gents are free on our list!

Next on my list of favorite clubs to meet new people is Ghostbar nightclub. Again like Marquee they have mingling space! You can be inside and dance or you can move outside where there are breathtaking views of the fabulous one and only Las Vegas! With a bar inside and a bar outside you can find just the right spot, and stay there! On our list at Ghostbar ladies are free, gents are free before midnight and $15 after. On Wednesdays ladies get free champagne from 11pm to 12am.

Last on my list goes out to XS nightswim on Sunday nights! XS nightswim takes place outside on the patio surrounding a huge pool filled with tons of fun pool floaties! In the center of it all is a bar with poker tables and another bar off to the side! This is a great place to go and mingle because of how large it is and the diversity of people that attend! On our list for XS nightswim ladies and gents are free and ladies get one free drink!

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