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Encore Beach Club at Wynn: Where Sophistication and Beach Party Collide

Out of the 365 days in a year, Vegas has 294 sunny days… What does Vegas do with those 294 days of sunshine? They throw the most epic beach parties known to man!

Sure, Vegas has lots of beach clubs/parties, and each one has its own unique vibe to it, but what makes Encore Beach Club (EBC) at Wynn so different from all the other beach clubs? It’s One. Single. Word… LUXURY.

The fact that Encore Beach Club is widely known for everything classy and sophisticated shouldn’t come as such a big surprise… just look where it’s located… It’s located in one of Vegas’ most luxurious, over-the-top resorts on The Strip, the Wynn/Encore resort complex!

The Encore Beach Club Experience

Where a classy Mediterranean beach party meets the pulse of Vegas nightlife: That’s the Encore Beach Club at Wynn. Easily living up to the Wynn name, the Encore Beach Club features poolside partying like nowhere else so come party on our guest list!

Unlike other club/pool hybrids in the Vegas scene, the pool or should we say pools are a draw in themselves. This 60,000 square-foot mini-resort boasts three-tiered swimming pools and over-sized lily pads for lolling on the water in style perfect setting bottle service.

For taking the party private, Encore Beach Club features two dozen private cabanas with hotel-room amenities such as flat-screen TVs and refrigerators, most with striking views of The Strip from their private rear balconies available with bottle service reservations.

Not that you’ll want to spend much time indoors, of course, not when Encore day club has so much to offer outside under the sun. One of the Encore pool party locations has a dance station right in its center, ringed with three metal support poles that sometimes double as impromptu stripper poles.

Adding another nice plus, the staff keeps the pool deck meticulously clean and well-maintained, ensuring a top-quality experience every time you step outside.

The scene at the Encore beach party is sexy, no doubt, but it’s also low-key; it’s less backyard frat party than a more subdued affair in the south of France. And of course, gaming and world-class restaurants are just a few wet footsteps away.

If you’re looking to put some upscale spin on your fun in the sun, the Encore pool party is the place to lay down your towel. Check out info on Encore Beach Club hours, dress code, and music below and don’t forget to sign up for the guest list above!

Why Encore Beach Club?

The Luxury Experience

You go to work each day and take on the challenges of life that most people would crumble under the pressure of, and because of that, you deserve to enjoy life in a lap of luxury, even if it’s just for a few days. We’re not just talking day spas and fillet mignon… no, we’re talking about the luxury beach party experience only Encore Beach Club can give you!

From oversized lily pads and shower poles to high-end seating and private infinity pools, Encore Beach Club beckons all partygoers to make dreams and reality one and the same. Because of the plush amenities and VIP service, people from near and far make Encore Beach Club their go-to spot for class and sophistication mixed with a fun and care-free vibe.

Chart-Topping Performances

If you thought chart-topping performances were reserved only for Vegas’ many Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonators, think again! Encore Beach Club has an impressive lineup of high-profile DJs and internationally known electronic dance music (EDM) artists, and party goers can hear it all on its custom audio system that delivers a clear and precise sound. You can expect performances from residency favorites like Tiesto, Dada Life, and Calvin Harris… and that’s not even half!

The “Grown and Sexy” Vibe

In your everyday life, the only time you can truly feel “grown and sexy” is at night, and that’s if you’re going out somewhere… here in Vegas, you feel grown and sexy in the daytime and at night!

At Encore Beach Club, “grown and sexy” is what’s going to get you access to its exclusive beach parties… This is where you can “wake and shake” a tailfeather with no judgment being passed. Why? Because everyone’s here to have a good time! You can have a few drinks, take a couple of rounds around the pool, and mix, mingle, and flirt a bit… no judgment here. The grown and sexy vibe you get from us is the grown and sexy vibe to reflect back.

What are You Waiting For?

It’s not every day that you get to be in the presence of greatness and VIP service… if you’re lucky, you’ll experience it at least once in your life and Encore Beach Club is the place to get it. Make sure your name is on the guestlist for all of Encore Beach Club’s hottest amenities and services.

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