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A huge milestone birthday that people love to celebrate is their “Dirty Thirty!” The Dirty Thirty is a great reason to come to Sin City and visit the most popular day clubs nightclubs and strip clubs to just let loose and party like there’s no tomorrow! Show the world that thirty is the new twenty and celebrate your 30th birthday in Vegas with these dirty 30 party ideas!

For Dirty Thirty birthdays, our team here at Free Vegas Club Passes recommend going to a day club, strip club, and of course a nightclub as well. We will set you up with the best day of your life!

For example: we would set your schedule starting at a day club such as Ghostbar Day Club, also known as GBDC, which is located at the top of the Palms casino and hotel. Our guest list gets ladies in free, gents pay cover of only $15, and the first 100 ladies get a free drink!

Another Vegas birthday idea we have is to send you to a great nightclub. Let’s say we send you to one of the most popular nightclubs out here in Vegas, TAO nightclub at the beautiful Venetian! At TAO nightclub, our guest list gets ladies and gents in free and (depending on the day) we get our ladies free drinks from 10:30pm to 11:30pm!

Your Dirty Thirty birthday itinerary just isn’t complete without a visit to a Las Vegas strip club! We love to send groups to Olympic Garden, where there is something for everyone to enjoy with both the female and male review! Free Vegas Club Passes can get you and your party a reduced cover charge, a round trip limo ride, and two free drinks all for just $30. That’s a deal you don’t want to pass up!

This is just an example of how amazing your 30th birthday can be if you celebrate out here in the one and only Las Vegas! And Chris Hornak’s team here at Free Vegas Club Passes love to be the ones to help you make it unforgettable!


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