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Clubbing for 40 Years & Older

Best Vegas Clubs 40 and older

Best clubs for 40 and older


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As you may already know, Vegas often seems like an over-sized frat party full of young, enthusiastic, and ambitious clubbers. Vegas dance clubs are where many come to leave their normal lives behind, get a little crazy, and make memories they might not be able to remember the next day. Yet very often, older demographics come to Vegas to have a great time but also not be caught in the debauchery that happens in Vegas. If you and your group are over the age of 40, where exactly are the best dance clubs in Vegas where you won’t feel like the oldest in the crowd and you can still have the time of your life? There are many Las Vegas dance clubs where an older crowd can party, and Free Vegas Club Passes can help!

The first Las Vegas dance club your group might enjoy is Apex, a rooftop club with a 360° panoramic view of Sin City at night. Hosted 55 stories up on the Palms, Apex city-famous view of the Strip draws in all demographics and has become a favorite spot for both locals and visitors. Though always a fun time, Apex is widely known as a more mellow nightclub in Vegas. Apex is deluxe and upper class, but also exuberant with hip-hop music and Top 40 tunes inviting you to hop on the dance floor that constantly seems to be popping with people of all ages. When you’re done dancing, head outside where there is plenty of mingling space to socialize and sip on your drinks as you look over the breath-taking view of the famous Las Vegas night lights. Our guest list gets Ladies in free with a free drink; Gentlemen are free before midnight if have equal or more ladies in party.

Classy, sophisticated, and high class, Foundation Room is known throughout Vegas as one of the best Vegas nightclubs for older crowds. Decorated with various world art pieces, Foundation room is a hit venue for anyone looking to party the night away. The DJ makes keeps the party jumping with a mixture of hip hop, Top 40, and EDM tracks, and though never a dull moment in Foundation Room, the club is spacious enough for your party to socialize, sip on your drinks, and simply enjoy the venue. Want to check out what’s happening at this luxurious nightclub? Our VIP guest list gets Ladies and gents free on our guest list, and Ladies get free drink until 12am certain nights of the week!

Voodoo, an exclusive club located on the rooftop of the Rio. This venue is a indoor/outdoor, double-decker nightclub with a grand 40,000 pound steel staircase that’s so massive, it had to be air-lifted into place when it was installed. It’s truly worth seeing, but you’ll spend more time staring at the striking views of The Strip than you will at the architecture beneath your feet. Fabulous  lounge to socialize, and an eclectic atmosphere, Voodoo Nightclub has become an exclusive spot to mingle with friends and relax. Our guest list gets Ladies & Gents in for free!

Age is simply a number in Vegas! Grab your group, sign up on Hornak’s celebrated VIP guest list, and get straight to partying at the best dance clubs in Vegas!

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