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Club Nikki at the Tropicana

9/25/11 – Club Nikki is Closed

Opened on Memorial Day Weekend of 2011, Club Nikki is one of the newest and hottest nightclubs on the Las Vegas clubbing scene. The Nikki Beach nightclub has all the style and service of a European club, coupled with the wild abandon and good time vibe Las Vegas is so well known for.

15,000 square feet of a clean, elegant all-white color scheme will continually remind guests that they are partying in one of Vegas’ premier clubs. Meanwhile, they can move among the “organically-designed decor” according to the mood of their night, providing an experience unique among The Strip’s nightclubs.

If you need a break from the action, an ultra-lounge waits just beyond the dance floor where you can mingle with the always exciting Vegas clubbing crowd and sip signature cocktails. You won’t want to stay off the floor for long, though, as the beats of world-renowned DJs will pull at your body and entice you quickly back out into the movement of the dance. You’ll be enthralled by the dueling DJs positioned on either end of the dance floor, battling it out to provide the best dance music on The Strip.

The entire Nikki Beach experience has been tailored to create the perfect day. You can start out at Nikki Beach itself, then have dinner at Café Nikki before ending up here, at Club Nikki, to dance your night away in true Las Vegas style.

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Ready to take on the newest, hottest nightclub on The Strip? You can bet you’re not the only one, so plan ahead by getting on our Guest List. We can get ladies in for free, gents reduced, and get everyone past the long general admission lines. Skip the lines, get in cheap, and enjoy the best Vegas has to offer! Check out the links below to get started.

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Pictures of Club Nikki

Club Nikki Outside, Line Skip

Club Nikki Inside, Guest List


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