Las Vegas Nightlife & Clubbing Hints

Vegas Clubbing tips

Vegas Guest List Tips

Dress code is important! Gentlemen should wear a collared shirt, long pants and dark shoes.

Remember that the earlier you show up, the smoother your entry. 10-11pm is ideal.

If you don’t make it out your first night, please contact us.

While most lists require entry before midnight; the Palms clubs allow entry till 2am and we can add you till 1:45am.

Consider saving 845-641-3880 in your cell phone.

If contacting us same day for guest list your options will be greater before 8pm.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our phones are on till at least 2am, but you can usually reach us till 4am.

Text messages are the fastest way to get in touch with us, especially at night.

Busiest Holidays are Memorial Day and Labor Day, July Fourth, and New Years Eve. These holidays are extremely hectic, consider contacting us for the most up to date info.

Please don’t text us with multiple question marks. (ie:Whats dress code?????) We hate that. =)

Palms Clubs Guestlist Tips

Ladies on our guestlist can visit all open clubs for free, just say “all clubs” at check-in.

If arriving between 9pm-10pm go straight to the club and say “Chris Hornak’s list”, check-in opens at 10pm Sun-Thurs, 9:30 Fri & Sat.

Local Gents are free Sunday through Thursday on our Guestlist.

8 or more attractive Ladies can often get a free table & bottle Sunday-Thursday. Please contact us.

Check-in line can look long but it rarely takes more than 3 or 4 minutes.

On Tuesdays the first 150 Ladies always get free drinks at Moon.

On Fridays and Saturdays Moon hits capacity around 11:45pm and entry slows. Visit Ghostbar for an hour and it will clear up.

This is what we call an “Open Guest list”. This means you can bring as many people as you’d like. Feel free to invite people you meet at your pool or hotel.

Any ratio of Ladies and Gents works at Palms clubs. Groups of all Gentlemen should arrive early for quickest entry.

“Line pass” & “no line” don’t always mean a 5 second wait. On Fri/Sat expect about 5 minutes. This is usually 1-2.5 hours faster than general admission.

During special events and holidays arrive extra early and expect an above average wait time.

We’re here to help. Call us anytime! Site owner Chris Hornak is head promoter at The Palms and is usually on property and is always happy to help.

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    • Hi Chris! The weekend was AWESOME! Thanks for your help with the clubs! My sister (the bride-to-be) had a blast. We went to Rain, which was a very cool club. It was packed with people dancing, the bartender who got our drinks was nice and they had a nice show going on above the dance floor (acrabatics and things). We got through the VIP line pretty quickly too. The only thing that sucked was the music. My group wasn't feeling the techno so we left. We went to Moon and the music there was great. The club was also packed and the open rooftop was pretty cool. Unfortunately, there were some really gropy guys there so we left too but that wasn't the club's fault, we still had tons of fun and our Vegas trip wouldn't have been complete without the clubs. I'm attaching pictures! Thanks again and I'll DEFINITELY recommend you!


    • It was a great weekend. Thank you for all your help. Can wait to do it all over again.

      —Wendy Hernandez

    • Everything was great, thank you! hazy Absolutely no complaints :) Communication was smooth, no problems with entry, and enjoyed the free drinks. Ghostbar and Moon were amazing! Love the views. Lavo on Saturday was great, a little crowded but the music was awesome. My girls and I had a fabulous time! Thank you so much!


    • Me and my girlfriend had a great time at Playboy and Moon this past Friday! George N Kemp It was awesome that both of us were able to get in free, with absolutely no wait or trouble. Thanks for hooking us up. I will definitely spread the word about you guys!

      —George N Kemp

    • Thank you for the best Bachelorette Party weekend. We used your services to get into the clubs at the Palms and at Pure. Both nights the wait was not even 5 minutes long and we got free drinks. There were over 200 people in line at Pure and we were definitely VIPs. The coolest part is it was all free. I am a local and will definitely be using you again. Your awesome. Thanks again. jackie


    • Chris, On behalf of the four of us, I would like to thank you for everything you did for us on our trip!! I have been to Vegas but never had as much fun as we did on our trip this past weekend!!! I honestly still don't believe that our trip was real! We were treated like rockstars everywhere we went and we have you to thank! We have already recommended you to a few other groups and will definitely be contacting you when we return in June. Thank you for everything you did for us!
      I attached a picture of us before we went to XS. That was our favorite club by far!!!!! Such an amazing atmosphere! As for what we liked and what we didn't....we LOVED it all!!!! The communication was beyond amazing! I never had a question as to where we were supposed to go or who we were supposed to talk to. Nor did I ever question the service we were about to receive! Your services are beyond what I was expecting. Thank you again!!! Vegas Baby!!!! :)


    • Thank you so much for an incredible weekend. My group loved hitting up Rain, Moon, and XS. We felt like ballers. This is my second time using your website and the next time I go to vegas I won't hesitate to use it again!

      —Sarah Sannebeck

    • Moon was AMAZING!!! Very easy to get in! Loved getting a confirmation text that day for venue information!! I will definitely use your service again!!


    • Hey Chris. Here's one pic from tryst on our 3 day wknd. Used Mike Glenn for a good deal on bottle service. Had a great time every night and it was easy to get in the 2 nights we didn't order a table. Nice bonus, they put us in VIP at Pure and Lavo when we opted for guest list only. Both clubs ordered us free drinks. Awesome bach party/bday wknd. Thanks a ton!!

      —Sarita Cherrier

    • Chris, I want to thank you SO MUCH for showing my friends such a great time on Friday. What a crazy night! I knew I was in trouble when the bride ordered shots of tequila followed by dirty martinis - amazingly, we were all in pretty good shape the next morning. We went out on Saturday, too (to Lavo, Tryst, Surrender) but everyone kept talking about how they had a much better time at Moon. Your efforts made it special, in particular, for the bride-to-be - thanks a million. Attaching a photo below - Until next time! Best wishes

      —Bridget Gleeson

    • Hello Chris, I want to thank you again for a amazing Vegas weekend. We got into all 3 clubs (Rain, Surrender, and XS) with no wait. I also appreciate getting the confirmation info on time on all 3 days. That made me able to get ready without worrying if I'm gonna have trouble getting in. I will definitely be using your services again very soon ;) Much luv


    • Hi Chris! We had an amazing time @ Moon @ The Palms last Thursday night! Having such an awesome table really made my friends bday!!! Thank you so much for all your help in organizing us! Can't wait to come back!!! Viva Las Vegas :) Sarah Juenger

      —Sarah Juenger

    • Hey Chris, You're a God sent. Thank you so much for an exceptional time in Las Vegas this past weekend. We were there to celebrate my bff 30th birthday. I have to admitted that I was a little skeptical at first because after all nothing in life is free. It sounds too good to be true but honestly it was the best nightclubbing experiences I had. Three of the girls that were with me had never been to Vegas...and they were impressed. We were treated like royalty when the bouncer walked us in. The process was smooth and pain free, as promised. Haha thanks for giving me the creditability to my friends for having the hooked up to the Sin City. Thank you, thank you! We definitely will be back and all my networking will definitely hear of this.

      —Sophy Sor

    • Chris is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      —Katie KB

    • We had an amazing time! This was my second time using your services for when I came to Vegas with my girls and I've been thoroughly impressed both times. Here is us on our first night at Moon.
      Here is us at XS on Sunday night about to use the free drink passes that you hooked us up with!

      testimonial nina

      Thank you so much for all your help! I'll definitely spread the word and will continue to contact your company whenever we go to Vegas.


    • Thank you Chris!! This was an amazing week end celebrating my 28th bday was more than I expected visited RAIN, MOON, PURE Hassle FREE!! The best experience In LV!! Maria Jimenez

      —Mireya Jimenez

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for making another Vegas trip a blast. Second time using your services and of course everything was smooth. Your response to my asking about adding other clubs the day of was great and I have to say I think Moon and Ghost bar are my favorite places in Vegas - just have a great experience every time. I'm coming back in three weeks and will sign up again for sure on your site. Thanks for your prompt replies to emails, texts etc. and for the awesome service. I tell everyone i meet in Vegas about you and no one can believe it...will keep spreading the word. Thx again,

      —Amy-Rose White

    • Last winter went to Vegas with my friends and Chris got us on the guestlist for the clubs we wanted! We partied so much and had a blast in Tao, that wanted to change $60 for us but with Chris' help, we got in for FREE!!!

      —Brenda Olivias

    • Chris, Thank you so much for your clear communication to our super fabulous, partying up weekend! We had a great start to the weekend living it up with Pauly D here at Rain and the wonder of it all continued the rest of the weekend into the other great clubs you helped provide passes for! Thank you! Brie Morton

      —Brie Morton

    • Thank you so much for everything!! We had the greatest time and I was thouroughly impressed. Next time I'll definatly have to come with a ton of chicks opposed to just one partner in crime!! Attached is a pic of my friend and I happy as can be at Ghostbar!!

      —Ellen Scharf

    • Thanks Chris! We had a blast last week at Playboy Club, Lavo, and Blush! Being on the guestlist totally made our trip! You're the best!

      —Ashley Keller

    • Hey Chris!!! Had a fabulous time in Las Vegas and a big thanks to you! A lot of my friends had never been to the Palms clubs before and they all had the best time! For my bachelorette party, my girls had a blast at Ghostbar! Honestly I don't know why I ever go anywhere else. LOL Tryst was not very fun since they did not have my table reservation. But it worked out since we all got to party down at Ghostbar! :) Here are some pics of me and my girls! Can't wait to get back to Vegas! Thanks again! Until next time! :)

      —Sara Johnson

    • Chris, Thanks so much for making our “2009 Girls in Vegas” trip so much fun! I have to admit I was a little skeptical as to whether everything would work out as you had promised, but it did!! We went to Moon/Playboy on Thursday, Tryst on Friday and Pure on Saturday, and we didn’t have any kind of wait in line or have to pay cover. The process you have in place is simple and painless! I have already told so many people about you and your site and we will definitely be back!!! Thanks again!!

      —Monica D

    • Hey Chris, It was a blast as always. We love using your service to get into the club without waiting in line and getting in for free. One thing we could do without is going to Palms on the first night. I understand why you have to do that but maybe for repeat users of your service we could get an option to check out the other clubs first. With limited time in Vegas we don't always have time to try out new clubs when we have to go to Palms first. Also better deals on bottle service would be nice. Anyways I don't wanna seem ungrateful we still appreciate the service and it's always memorable. Thanks!

      —David Insixiengmay

    • Chris, amazing service!!! We have to confess that when we ordered the free VIP passes from your site we were a little bit apprehensive. But we gave it a shot. And WOW! We were surprised when the front desk from our hotel in Vegas told us that we had mail. We went to get it and VOILA an envelope from freevegasclubpasses with the tickets that I ordered and plus extras ones for other clubs. We went to the club and everything work out fine. We had an amazing time at PURE! We would recommend your service to everyone and we encourage everyone else looking to have a great nightclub experience in Las Vegas to do the same! Please find attached photos of us at PURE Nightclub, and feel free to post my testimonial on your website! Many Thanks!!!!

      —Tatiana Klein

    • Hey Chris this pic is from last weekend for my b-day @ Palms Pool - Ditch Fridays. Thanx so much for getting us in free with a free drink ticket! I'm going again this weekend coming up for my girls b-day too. I'll be using your guestlist again for the Palms pool and clubs! Thanks again time and time again!

      —Nikki F

    • photo-2 This weekend not only my best time in vegas but the BEST birthday I ever had! Everything was awesome and well organized. Mike Glenn was very helpful as well and got us a great table at Tryst. OMG THE ACT!!!!!! I am never coming to vegas without hitting up this club! I thought vegas had it all until I came here. Never take this club off your website, although bottle service is the way to go here.... I was in complete awe of everything to see here and even frightened a little but still had the time of my life! Thanks again for everything, I am still and always will be a loyal client.

      —Stephanie Wilder

    • Chris, I wanted to send you a testimonial on behalf of me and all my friends. For starters anyone considering the use of Free Vegas Club Passes, DON'T THINK JUST SIGN UP!
      Night 1: Front line access to Playboy Club and Moon with ladies free. Both places were on fire and it was only Tuesday! Entry was smooth and we had ZERO Wait. Night 2: LAX, once again received my text at 5pm SHARP from the VIP List Promoter and once again jumped the line and got in totally free (guys and girls). The club was great and the party was crazy. Wait time less than 5 minutes. Night 3: TAO, now this was a test for me because I’ve heard horror stories about getting in... until I got my text and got in the place with reduced cover in LESS THAN 10 MINUTES. Night 4: Our last night. Sent a text to Chris asking for one last place, he recommended Rain and HOLY SH!!. The place was HUGE, the crowd was wild and Chris even hooked us up with bottle service WITHIN MINUTES of us arriving. Sitting VIP on our last night was a great experience, especially after waiting less than 15 minutes and getting free access for my friends and half price cover for the guys. I WILL NEVER GO TO VEGAS WITHOUT CONTACTING FREEVEGASCLUBPASSES.COM!!! You guys run a solid business and I will be telling anyone I know who is going out. P.S. The bunnies at the Playboy Club really are that HOT.

      —Steve D

    • Thank you Chris! You and your team are the best. Had the greatest experience, the whole wknd went smoothly with no problem. Thank you again for making it happen. love ya!

      —Jenny Yang

    • Hey Chris! Sorry didn't see this email til now. Thanks for everything!! Everything was great as always!!! See you next year and SHOTS for sure : )

      —Joyce Woo

    • Hi Chris, me and the girls just wanted to say thanks a lot for putting us on your guest list, we had an awesome time, really appreciate it and would recommend it to all the friends . Once again thanks! here is a pic of our time in Vegas! Also left a comment on your facebook. Thanks!


    • Loved it! Thank you we had an amazing time! Here are some pics of the crew that hit Tryst, LAX and Moon. :) Thanks again!

      —Pamela AR

    • Spectacular week to you, Chris! We had an exquisite time at Rain Club. Asked for you at check in and was told that you were absent. Extending you our utmost gratitude and appreciation,


    • Hi Cris, The services were awesome! I was a little skeptical, but was I surprised the passes worked!! Thanks for sending me reminders and being on top of things for getting us there on time!! We had 3 birthdays in our group and I wanted to surprised them and they were surprised on how easily it was to get into the clubs/bars!! We all enjoyed the night at Ghostbar (breathtaking view) and Rain (hyped music)!! I would be using this services again!! Thank you so much for the Vegas experience!!!

      —Jai Nolaly

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