Chris Hornak vs Other Promoters

Chris Hornak vs Other Promoters

by Haylee Graham

There are plenty of Las Vegas promoters in Sin City, in fact it seems as if you can’t turn around a corner without a promoter trying to coax you into a club with their so called “special deals.” But what they don’t tell you is that these promoters you meet on the street hardly hook you up at all!

There is usually some sort of catch with their offers, and often they try to influence you into paying $20 or more at the door with the promise of giving your ladies a free drink or the guarantee they are doing you a favor and calling it “reduced admission.”

Many Vegas visitors fall into this trap — and it’s easy to do! You came to Sin City to explore the notorious Vegas clublife… so when a club promoter approaches you with a smile and some practiced enthusiasm, your ears automatically perk! However, what if I told you that you get can into the same club absolutely free, and get your ladies up to two free drinks… or even open bar? Chris Hornak’s VIP guest list not only allows your group in past all the outrageous lines with the absolute quickest entry, but it also offers drink specials that a limited number of Guest List Companies can offer. Not to mention Chris Hornak’s guest list offers a guaranteed time of your life!

So who is Chris Hornak, the mastermind behind Free Vegas Club Passes? A veteran in the industry, Chris has been a Las Vegas club nightlife concierge for over seven years and is without a doubt a monumental figure in the nightlife industry. His million dollar independent promoting company, Free Vegas Club Passes, which thrives in the heart of Las Vegas, has helped over [satisfied_customers] clubbers party the right way and for free!

With a flawless track record as a reliable, professional, and resourceful nightlife concierge, Chris Hornak has [testimonials_count] successful reviews publicly displayed on the Free Vegas Club Passes website and over 200 more at Yelp. He is undoubtedly respected by all and envied by many as he continues to set fire to the promotions industry and provide the best Sin City clubbing experience. Ask anyone… Chris Hornak is the go-to man for the best Vegas nightclub, dayclub, and stripclub deals!